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Frequently Asked Questions


Will Medicare pay for a Power Wheelchair?

If you qualify, Medicare will pay 80% of a set allowable for a power wheelchair. With a secondary insurance, there can be no cost to you.*

How do I know if I qualify?

Medicare has certain medical criteria that needs to be met.

How do I submit a claim to Medicare? What other information needs to be sent?

As insurance specialists we will obtain all documentation that is required. We will also file the claim to Medicare on your behalf.

Can I find out if I medically qualify before I purchase the power wheelchair?


If I qualify, when will I receive my power wheelchair?

Vital Medical will arrange for free delivery of your new power chair directly to your home upon receipt of all necessary forms from your doctor and/or healthcare professional. We will then bill Medicare to receive reimbursement. If reimbursement is denied, which is very rare, then other arrangements can be made to maintain ownership of the chair.

How do I receive service for the power wheelchair if something requires maintenance?

Vital Medical or an affiliate of Pride Mobility, the manufacturer of the power wheelchair, will service your chair for one year at no charge. After that, your insurance company will be billed for any required service.

Is Medicare the only form of insurance that covers a power wheelchair?

No, we at Vital Medical also accept Medical if you reside in the state of California. We also accept all P.P.O's.
If you qualify under medicare guidelines and your doctor approves, a power wheelchair may cost you little or no money out of your pocket